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Need an affordable digital presence?

Here at Gloath NZ we specialize in app development, website creation and social media presences for New Zealand businesses.

Every business, from big to small needs a digital footprint in 2016. Our services can arm your business with a competitive advantage in the market and put your enterprise directly under the eyes of your customers. Read more


Mobile development
We can create you a mobile app to put your business directly in the hands of customers.
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Website development
Our website service will give your business the visibility it needs to reach your desired audience.
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Social media presence
We can set you up, help you engage and create dialogues with your customers.
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Mission Statement

Here at Gloath we believe that providing a great user experience is the core of any good website or app. We want to help New Zealand become more digital and give our businesses higher growth and more success. We only build pure native apps and lightweight websites because in technology it's important to keep up with the latest trends.


Our pricing is very competitive and you will be hard pressed to find better value for money.
Mobile apps
Our apps are lightweight, native and can run on any device. This includes:
  • Design your mobile app in constant consultation with you.
  • Build it.
  • Deploy it to the app atore and ensure that it gets visiblity.
  • Update it with information when you need to.

On request, we will keep your app up-to-date with the latest trends and provide you ongoing maintenance.

Websites are the #1 benefit to any business, and ours are the best. This includes:
  • Design your website and get your feedback and input before building.
  • Build it.
  • Make it live.
  • Update it with information when you need to.

Optionally your website can be dynamic and we will give you the tools to update it easily by yourself.

Social Media presences
Social media is crucial for any business hoping to grow rapidly. This includes:
  • Set up a social media presence for your business.
  • Give you the best tips and advice on how to fully utilize the tools.
  • Manage advertising and ensure you can create the best dialogues with your customers
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